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  • Supportive Community
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  • Accountability to YOUR Fitness Goals
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At CrossFit COMO, our community is what helps you achieve your health and fitness goals. We help you get outside your comfort zone, get fit and lean and keep you accountable.
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My first thought was, “I can’t do this.”  But I had a different impression by the time I left. -Nikki


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WOD 100615 – State of CrossFit COMO at 8pm

WOD 100615 – State of CrossFit COMO at 8pm

Hi everyone, Don´t forget that tonight we will be having the annual meeting for everyone to come and learn about what is going on at CrossFit COMO: what we have accomplished in the last year and where we are headed! Everybody is invited to attend and participate, we... read more
WOD 090915 – Recovery tips

WOD 090915 – Recovery tips

So you finished the workout.  It started with the warm-up: getting your muscles firing, waking up your central nervous system, maybe some mobility and flexibility work.  Then you hit the strength, let’s say it was a 3 rep max front squat.  You pushed yourself to the... read more

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“I am working on becoming a better me and not looking at the scale anymore but the gains I have made.” -Natalie