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I only made to 21 days. I left for vacation on the 22nd day. During vacation I ate and drank what I thought I wanted. The first night I drank beer and swelled up like a balloon. So I now know that I can’t drink beer. The second day I ate well and stayed away from […]

So…I finished the challenge! I am still going strong I lost 22 lbs and  6 inches. I have gained a huge amount of energy and my performance in the box has improved immensely! I shaved 13 sec off my 400m and added 1 round 1 rep to my half Cindy! Also went from black and […]

The CrossFit Open has been an amazing experience for those of us at CrossFit COMO. We challenged ourselves, we pushed outside the comfort zone, many of us have achieved something we never thought possible. And we had a lot of fun! Check out our event recaps to learn about all of the amazing things that […]