Arrive Early & Stay Late

Get there early and get to know your fellow CrossFitters, stay late and stretch. Be on time, be consistent, and show up!

Leave your ego at the Door

CrossFit is humbling to everyone, aim for progression and virtuosity. Be the best version of you.

Support Other Athletes

Wait until everyone is finished before you put your equipment away. Encourage others and support them as they complete the same hard work that you just finished. We’re stronger, together.

Respect the Equipment

Learn how to properly unload a barbell, don’t drop 10 lb plates from overhead, wipe down after use and put it away.

If you don’t know…Ask!

We’re experts in this stuff and that’s why you chose us to help you in your fitness journey. Let us help you!

Focus on Mechanics, Consistency, then Intensity

Our job is to help you have fitness for life, that’s accomplished through good movement patterns(mechanics), consistency through those mechanics, and then intensity.

Eat Well

Our bodies are high performance machines, we need to fuel it properly. Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little bit of starch and no refined sugar. Keep intake levels that will support exercise but not body fat, keep it simple.

Log your Workouts

As an evidence based approach to fitness, logging your workouts is key to your development and growth. We work with the SugarWOD app, so download it and start logging!

Have FUN!

This is training for life, so enjoy every minute of it, except burpees, but do them anyway.


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