CrossFit Open Intramural

This year we will be hosting the CrossFit Open a little differently by having an in house competition, Intramural Open.  The point of the Intramural Open is to get rid of the nervous jitters of performing in the Open, see the gains each athlete has made, and to work together as part of a team in a friendly competition.  The Intramural Open will be the same participation for the Open workouts, but instead each athlete will be placed on a team.  These teams will work together to earn points for their attendance, spirit, performance and crazy weekly challenges.

Team Yellow: Mike

Team Black: Doug

Team Gray: Dylan

Team White: Nate



Go to and register for the 2015 CrossFit Open!



All athletes signed up for the CrossFit Open will be put into a pool and drafted by one of the four coaches to their respective team.



Attendance: 2 points per person + 2 bonus points per team

  • 1 point will be awarded for completing the workout
  • 1 point will be awarded for recording your score
  • 2 bonus points will be awarded per team if 80% of your team participates on Friday

Spirit: 5 points for the best team

  • The team that has the best costumes, energy, and motivation will receive 5 points

Weekly obscure challenge: 3 points per team

  • Each week during the CrossFit Open a weekly obscure challenge will be released. If your team completes the challenge a posts a video/picture your team will receive 3 points

Performance: 12 total points possible

  • Each person placing in the top 3 of Rx and Scaled will receive a point

15.5: 5 bonus points per team

  • If all of your team members show up to 15.5 your team will be awarded 5 bonus points


Prizes will be awarded on the final day to the team with the most points!


Important Dates

February 23rd: Coaches will draft all registered athletes

15.1: February 26- March 2

  • February 27th: Friday Night WOD

15.2: March 5-9

  • March 6th: Friday Night WOD

15.3: March 12-16

  • March 13th: Friday Night WOD

15.4: March 19-23

  • March 20th: Friday Night WOD

15.5: March 26-30

  • March 27th: Friday Night WOD


Special thanks to Chris and Adrian for the idea.

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