State of CrossFit COMO 2015

New Assistant Coaches

The first announcement is related to assistant coaching. We have a pretty robust coaching development program here at the gym and we have just redefined it even further. Over the past year, we’ve introduced assistant coaches into our busiest class times 5pm/6pm and now we’re expanding that to 5am a few times per week(as a trial for the month of October). Ideally we want to have one coach per 10-12 athletes.

Assistant coaches have a very important role in our organization of class. Their role is to assist the head coach of the class with organization, management, safety and most importantly, coaching. These coaches may lead a portion of the class experience(warm-up, strength, WOD, cooldown, etc) and be mobile around the room during class coaching with specific cues, encouragement and to help make the an exciting training environment. Sometimes these coaches will lead entire classes as well.

We have three coaches that are contributing in this role: Meghan Bamvakais, Chelsea Emery, and Chris Seris.

Please give them a warm welcome as you see them in the class!

Introducing Primary Coaches

This is something I have been working on for nearly a year and we’re finally ready to announce and share with the COMO Family.

What is a primary coach? Simply it’s a full-time professional coach who is here to guide you through your CrossFit journey. Primary coaches responsibilities are two fold:

1) Lead amazing group class experiences along with assistant coaches.
2) Develop the athlete experience from Foundations and beyond.

Each athlete will be assigned to a primary coach. Over the next 4-6 weeks, you’ll be receiving an email introducing you to your primary coach and they will be scheduling a time to meet to discuss goals and talk with you further about your CrossFit journey. Beyond that, these coaches are going to help keep you accountable, conduct 6 month review sessions, communicate regularly about what’s happening in the gym, lead PT/Skill sessions, host seminars and specialty programs and build an even better service and experience for each and every one of you.

Our primary coaches are: Doug Oberbeck, Nick Shelton, Nate Dport, and myself.

If you have a preferred primary coach, please send me a PM/email and I’ll make sure you make it onto their roster.

COMO Ambassador Program

This amazing community is because of the people like you who attend each and every day. As we grow, we want to stay humble and stick to our roots. We need your feedback and help to make CrossFit COMO the best it’s ever been.

COMO ambassadors will be a key part of amplifying the positive culture of CrossFit COMO by serving as a liaison on behalf of the athletes.

Ambassadors are comprised of a small number of members of COMO that have been invited to participate for one year.

The invitation is based on their commitment to this program and seeing continued positive growth of this community. The invitation this year is open to anyone interested. All you need to do is read the responsibilities and apply at this link:

CrossFit COMO 3.0

We’re about 6 months out from our lease ending in our current location. While the space has been bigger and served our needs for the past 1.5 years, it does not offer all of the amenities and the set-up that I want to have in our gym. So we’re exploring our options.

Option 1) Renovate the current space and extend our lease.
Option 2) Purchase and renovate an existing building
Option 3) Build a 5000-10000 sq/ft ultimate training facility

Each option has it’s pluses and minuses. If you’ve ever looked at commercial real estate in COMO, it’s ridiculously expensive. On the south side of town there is very little available and we want to stay on this side. We’ve spoke to our banker and have got some preliminary numbers from a builder.

Renovating our current space is an okay option, but not ideal. We’ve experienced a lot of issues in this space with leaks, uneven concrete and other issues.

We have a lot to think about and need to get moving quickly.

So, what would you like to see in a new facility? Obviously showers are priority #1, but are there other things you’re interested in?


Specialty Training Programs and Seminars

The amazing coaches on our staff have a lot of specialties and we’re building these into our program throughout the year. In addition our regular CrossFit classes, each quarter of the year we’ll be featuring a specialty program and at least 1 seminar per month.

Specialty programs include:
Olympic Weighlifting 1 & 2
Endurance (Running, Rowing & Swimming)
Explosive Strength
Gymnastics 1 & 2

Seminar topics:
Olympic Weightlifting
& more

Have an idea for a training program or seminar? Let us know in the comments or send me a note!

Hybrid Membership Options

If you’ve met with your Primary Coach already, you’ve been introduced to our new membership structures we are introducing at COMO.

What is a hybrid membership? It’s a membership that includes both classes, open gym and personal training time. As we evolve with our primary coaching program, our goal is to provide the best experience to our athletes as well as to provide a professional opportunity for our coaches at the gym.

As many of you know, CrossFit COMO is different than any other fitness program out there. I don’t want to have 2000 members and have 10%-15% show up(that’s what it’s like at Gold’s Gym and other globo gyms). I want to see and know each and every one of you and you show up 75%-100% of the time. The truth is, I CARE a lot about each of you that spend time at our home.

Our new membership options are the same as before, but we’re offering month-to-month and 6 month commitments. A commitment is not a contract, but you telling me you’re planning on being here over the next 6 months.


The pricing difference between month-to-month and 6 month commitments is $20 per month. For example the 3x/week plan is $115(6mo) or $135(M2M). I’ll post the graphic with on the State of CrossFit COMO website and our website this weekend.

If you’ve been with us and are maintaining your membership, you’re locked into the rate you started at. That is a thank you for continuing to invest in our coaches and community. We do ask that you make the 6 month commitment, so that as we are securing financing on our new building, the bank is happy and we can plan changes better.

In addition, at a minimum, every 6 months we want to meet with you to discuss goals and to do a personal training session with you. Our recommendation is at least monthly or even more than that. Your Primary Coaches have/will explained that process as you meet with them.

Feel free to ask questions on here or in person. I’ll be at the gym all tonight.

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