The results of the second annual CrossFit COMO Open Series are in. What a grueling but inspiring five weeks of workouts and effort by the CrossFit COMO Family.

I want to congratulate each and everyone on a successful Open season. You learned so much about yourselves and each other and you should be proud of your accomplishments.

The Open takes commitment, dedication, passion and a lot of heart. You achieve this through our Ethos, Relentless: The Unwavering Pursuit of Excellence. We live and breathe this every day and you put your blood, sweat and tears into throughout these five weeks!

If you haven’t had a chance to read the weekly review blog posts or view the photos of each week, check out the open week recaps here.



CrossFit COMO 16.5 Open Recap

CrossFit Open 16.5 Recap By Michael Wuest 16.5 the Finale. This is the conclusion of the CrossFit Open. All of our hard work over the past five weeks is being put to the test through a gruesome repeat of 14.5. Thrusters and Burpees. There was such a test of mental...

CrossFit COMO 16.4 Open Recap

CrossFit Open 16.4 Recap By Michael Wuest Ahh, the Chipper. There's always one in the Open and 16.4 was a 13 minute hell of 55 deadlifts, 55 wall-ball shots, 55-calorie row and ended with 55 handstand push-ups. Another crowded gym full of people ready to tackle this...

CrossFit COMO 16.3 Open Recap

CrossFit Open 16.3 Recap By Michael Wuest 16.3 is a short couplet with two movements, light power snatches and muscle-ups. I LOVE muscle-ups. Not so much performing them in high numbers, but watching people attempt and get a muscle-up, especially if they've never been...

CrossFit COMO 16.2 Open Recap

CrossFit Open 16.2 Recap By Michael Wuest As we waited for Dave Castro to announce 16.2, the watch party grew restless. What could it be? Then the announcement came. WORKOUT 16.2 Beginning on a 4-minute clock, complete as many reps as possible of: 25 toes-to-bars 50...

CrossFit COMO 16.1 Open Recap

CrossFit Open 16.1 Recap By Michael Wuest When 16.1 was announced, I thought to myself "How are we going to make this work in our space?" 25 foot lanes, OH Walking Lunges, Burpees, C2B Pull-ups. Then the athlete side of me thought, "Oh this workout is really awesome...


4th Place – Team Clang N Bang

Team Clang & Bang channeled their inner Dan Bailey and competed hard each and every week. Their athletes were constantly putting up top scores in the open and definitely knew how to have a good time. One of my favorite photos and memories from their team was during 80’s night cheering everyone on with their cowbells. Clang N Bang finished with one spirit award on 16.2.



3rd Place – #QuadSquad

The best team in The Open, in my opinion(and because I was team capitan). The QuadSquad brought it each and every week. We won one spirit award and finished all of the bonuses. We by far had the best chants of all the groups, you can see it in the photo. During the America theme, our team captain made a custom camera frame that was utilized by many.


Runner Up – Team BACON

The defending champs worked really hard and really set the standard on what it takes to be a champion in this league. The pulled out all the tricks. A Bacon themed bar one night, brought in a little piglet another night. They won bonus points and won spirit points multiple weeks. Their outfits were on point each and every week, highlighted by the bacon socks and bacon tights. The Badass CrossFitters of Nate couldn’t repeat this year, but we expect them to be a contender for the championship in the next years Open.



Open Series Champions – Mother Thrusters

Not many points separated the Mother Thrusters from Team BACON for the championship, but they were able to eek out the win in the 2016 Open. What the Mother Thrusters did was show up each and every week, log all of their workouts and when it came to bonuses, do what it took to take the most points home. They put themselves way ahead with Burpee challenge videos, but Team BACON was able to claw its way back into contention. Consistency wins championships and that was true for Mother Thrusters.


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