As many of you read in my previous blog on the strength cycle that we are currently in, we are focusing on the three major lifts: deadlift, backsquat and shoulder press.  We are now moving on to our second month of the 8 week cycle.  Here is a table that shows the basics of the entire program (we are starting week 5 tomorrow, Monday October 5th):strength cycle

Fitness: Goal is to “test out the waters” of many different weightlifting movements, including all three squats and all 3 presses.  Athletes following the fitness cycle do not know their 1rm for most of the lifts, and therefore should take the three weeks to learn what they are capable of lifting, and of course building strength and body awareness before we do testing in week 4 and 8.

Sport: Goal is to use percentages of maximal lifts to build strength.  The volume of repetitions decreases each week, but the loads increase, allowing for a greater adaptation and response, also prepping an athlete for testing in week 4 and 8.  Focus is on the three “major” lifts only.

Comp Series: For athletes who have used strength cycles in the past, the Wendler cycle is a great way to build strength using percentages and max effort sets at the end of each session.  The Wendler cycle, preferably, is for athletes who have used a linear, basic strength program and have hit their plateau.

I´m excited about this strength cycle, because I believe that it gave us (CrossFit COMO, athletes and coaches) the opportunity to program in a set cycle that helped every level of athlete.  Remember, that if you were here for the first 4 week cycle and tested your 1RM back squat, deadlift and shoulder press last week, you can “graduate” into the next level for the strength portion of class for the next 4 weeks.

Also, get ready for November and December! We will be using the strength we´ve built in this cycle and putting it to use in an Olympic lifting cycle of about 8 weeks.  That means that the strength portion of class will have a large focus on snatches, cleans, jerks and of course we will still squat J

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