I wanted to start a paleo diet when school let out and CrossFit COMO decided to do a nutrition challenge right around the same time. I knew it would be perfect for me because I wanted to completely wipe out my pantry and start fresh. It was amazing to see how much processed food I was actually eating! I went to the grocery store and filled up on all the fresh food: veggies, fruits, and meats. My pantry was only filled with oils, nuts, seeds, and spices, it was pretty scarce.
The hardest week for me was Week 2. I was getting bored with the food; it was time consuming to plan, cook, and clean the dishes. But I did my research and found a gazillion new recipes that gave me a good variety. I started to become less bored, and just realized that I really did need to plan out my meals and cook ahead of time.
I have a HUGE sweet tooth so cutting out chocolate, ice cream, and candy was a big deal for me. I used fruit as my “sweet” craving which worked great until I started to eat more and more fruit, which is not Whole30 approved because of the amount of sugar in fruit, so I had to cut back on my fruit intake.
I have a pretty flexible schedule so although the cooking was time consuming, I enjoyed it which made it even better. I actually already have a few recipes memorized because I loved them so much and made them a few times during the challenge!
I only experienced 2-3 EXTREMELY hard days and that’s because my cravings were kicking in. I kept telling myself, “Anna, this challenge is ONLY 30 days. It is not for the rest of your life and you are doing this to see how it affects you physically. If you cheat, then this will all be for nothing.” I also had an awesome support group filled with other CrossFitters participating in Whole30, and also my friends, family, and coworkers who encouraged me the entire way.
I feel so proud that I can say I finished this challenge successfully! I lost 10 lbs and went from a size 6 to a size 4!
Anna BeforeAfter 30 day nutrition challenge 2

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