Congrats to all the athletes that participated in some form or another on the 2 April challenges: assault bike sprint for calories and strict pull-ups! The only way to turn a weakness into a strength is with consistent practice, and these two challenges gave a lot of you some extra motivation to stay around for 5 or 10 minutes after class and either bike until your legs went numb or challenge yourselves to bigger and bigger sets of strict pullups.

Note: the pull-up challenge is actually a great program in general to continue, even after April.  So if you know pull-ups is a weakness for you, stick with it for a few more months!

Personal Records, or PR´s like we call them here at CrossFit COMO are important to us! It means that you are not only improving, but able to SEE those improvements by performing better on some benchmark tests.  Whether its strength related, skill related or endurance related, we always want to know when you have done something that you have never done before! So make sure to write your name up on the whiteboard when you do something cool! Here are some of the people that PR´d during the month of April:

Alicia Gatts – 2 rope climbs, backsquat 155lbs x 4 reps
Jordan K. – Hip Clean 230lbs x 5 reps, Clean grip deadlift 330lbs x 10 reps, backsquat 305lbs x 10 reps, bench press 205lbs x 10 reps
Meghan B. – Backsquat 195 x 5 reps, 6:13 minute mile
Tanner D – ring muscle up
Julie McD – did a whole workout in the Sport category!
Jaffer – 215lb push jerk
Jake K. – 195lb power snatch
Tyler – 4:06 fran
Riley – 165lb backsquat
Tay – sumo deadlift 405lbs
Alex Irvin – 2,000m row in 7:45
Leah – rope climbs! 225lb sumo deadlift
Doug O. – 2:36 fran
Alicia – 195lb sumo deadlift
Lindsey P – Backsquat 200lb x 1 rep, sumo deadlift 225lb x 1 rep, clean 145lb x 1 rep
Amy – sumo deadlift 205lb x 1 rep
Joe D – sumo deadlift 315lbs x 1 rep, Deadlift 315lbs x 1 rep
Nate and Lisa – 8.5 mile run 1:00:47
Joe Brown – backsquat 405lbs x 8 reps, push press 205lbs x 10 reps, bench press 215lbs x 10 reps, hip clean 285lb x 5 reps
Nate H – 385lb sumo deadlift, squat clean 170lbs
Nate D – sumo deadlift 455lbs

So as you can see, we had a TON of athletes do new and cool things all month!

Going into May, here are a few details that I would like you all to be aware of:

  1. Memorial Day Murph is on Monday May 30th.  We will only have one long class that day (TBD) and will let you know when we decide on a time.  It´s usually around 9am.  This is a great day to bring some friends with you, we will have lots of scaling options for people who have never done CrossFit!
  2. There are a few Tuesdays where I did not program a team workout! Don´t worry, we aren´t getting rid of them, just mixing things up and taking a break every once in a while.  Teamwork Tuesday is one of my favorite days of the week to workout, so I will definitely put them back in soon!
  3. This months strength programming is a lot like last months: you will see some powerlifting movements (backsquats, bench press, sumo deadlifts) mixed in with some bodybuilding type movements (upright rows, bulgarian split squats, etc).  Building these basic strength movements and musculature is very important and then moving forward into June we will get back to some more traditional olympic weightlifting movements!
  4. I´ve had a few comments about logging workouts as RX or Scaled in SugarWOD (with the 3 levels of Fitness, Sport and Comp).  I thought about it, and what makes most sense to me is to consider the Sport level the true RX.  If you do Comp level, you have of course done more than RX so you should record your effort as RX and put and comments in the notes.  If you do the Fitness level, even if you do it as written on the whiteboard, please record it as Scaled in SugarWOD! Again, use the notes section to put in any comments about the level, your modifications, how you felt, if it was a PR, etc, etc, etc.


Alright you awesome COMO people.  Have a great rest of your Monday and I look forward to seeing you all this week and month!

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