CrossFit COMO + Miracle Marathon

About a month ago, CrossFit COMO was asked to partner with Children’s Miracle Network and MU Children’s Hospital to participate in the Miracle Marathon!

After learning about more about it, we were extremely excited! We’d do anything For The Kids (#FTK Shoutout to Annie FTK Bastida). Here’s a little bit more about what’s going on.

Miracle Marathon is a 27.2-day virtual fundraising campaign in which we ask you to run, walk or achieve forward motion one mile per day throughout October. Starting Oct. 1 and concluding Oct. 27, Miracle Marathon challenges you to get out, get moving and give back — all to help kids in our community.

 Miracle Marathon isn’t your typical marathon, because anyone can participate! Whenever it’s convenient, you can run, walk, bike, skip, scoot or just move one mile, every day, for 27 days. Even better, you can participate as a family, with friends, as a company or by yourself — whatever works best for you! It’s a marathon, plus an extra mile, “for the kids.”

Each day of Miracle Marathon, we will ask you not only to complete one mile, but also to raise approximately $10 per mile for MU Children’s Hospital. Like all Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals programs, dollars raised throughout Miracle Marathon will remain in our community to benefit local kids.

During your journey, you will meet Peyton, our Miracle Marathon Ambassador, who will help motivate you each day. From Oct. 1 to 27, we will send daily challenges or motivational messages, inspiring you to meet your fitness and fundraising goals.

We invite you to join us on this journey to get out, get moving and give back to MU Children’s Hospital!

We got excited about the physical challenge part and in true CrossFit COMO fashion, we decided to create the CrossFit COMO Challenge for the Miracle Mile. Details will be released tomorrow, but expect 26 different days of bonus WODs (on top of your normal CrossFit training)! This will be our October Challenge of the Month!

Finally, this whole fundraising process is to help children in our community, we have developed a page to donate.

CrossFit COMO Miracle Marathon Donation Page <<–Click HERE

Our goal is a cool $272.00 which knowing how caring and supportive our CrossFit COMO family is, I think we can exceed that goal!


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Miracle Marathon Flier


Miracle Marathon Overview

It’s a marathon, plus an extra mile “for the kids.”


Event Description

Miracle Marathon is poised to be Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ Signature Event. It’s

a 27.2-day virtual fundraising campaign in which participants run/walk/swim/bike (basically achieve forward motion) one mile per day at their leisure. Each day, CMN Hospitals will send challenges or motivational messages with the goal of building an interactive, online community of participants.

The first 26 days are completed at the participant’s own pace – at a time and place of their own choosing. On Day 27, the final 1.2 miles will be completed as a group, and regardless of their location, all participants will start their last 1.2 miles at the same time, which will complete the 27.2 mile “Miracle Marathon.”

Why 27.2 Miles?  

Since a traditional marathon is 26.2 miles, Miracle Marathon adds a special touch by adding just one more mile “for the kids.” Miracle Marathon will take place October 1-27, with participants accomplishing one mile per day. On the final day, October 27, regardless of location, participants will finish the final 1.2 miles of Miracle Marathon together, at 1:27 p.m. Those in the Columbia area will be invited to complete the last 1.2 miles together at a celebratory walk.

The figure 27.2 also relates to several childhood illnesses:

–       Approximately 27 kids are diagnosed with cancer every day in the U.S.

–       Approximately 27 kids will die each month from cancer in the U.S.

–       Every 27 days, approximately 1,100 kids will be diagnosed with type 1 diabetes

–       Approximately 3 in 272 kids are diagnosed with autism

What happens each day?

Every day, participants will walk, run, skip, bike, or achieve forward motion for one mile. Participants will also receive daily challenges, stories and inspirational or fun messages to keep them motivated. We ask each person to not only complete a mile, but also to raise $10 each day to reach a Miracle Mile fundraising goal of $272.

What happens on October 27?

At 1:27 p.m. CST, we will all walk our last 1.2 miles at the same time, no matter where we are in the world. Information will be sent directly to participants prior to that day and will also be posted on

What is the goal?

We challenge each participant to raise just $10 per day, or $272 total, throughout Miracle Marathon.

Registration is now open at CrossFit COMO Miracle Marathon Donation Page

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