The first time I met Kizzi, I had absolutely no clue on how big of an impact she would make in my life and those at CrossFit COMO. She had a lot of Olympic Weightlifting experience/coaching and had a smile of endearment, which immediately made anyone feel incredibly comfortable.

Over the last few months, Kizzi has impacted the lives of so many of our athletes. She helped them understand and improve their Olympic Lifting technique. Her big heart and kindness was something we looked forward to each and every Sunday.

This is our opportunity to boast how excited, proud, happy and sad we are to see Kizzi go. But we know how much of an adventure she has lying ahead. Those that come across her path are incredibly lucky to have such an amazing person in their lives.

Kizzi will be joining the Ringley Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus as a part of their veterinary team. She’s going to be taking care of lions, tigers and bears, Oh My! She’ll be traveling the country experiencing CrossFit and Jiu Jitsu gyms. We are so proud!

Kizzi we love you and will miss you dearly. Thank you for being so amazing!

Photo: Kizzi in her viking hat, rowing one last time at CrossFit COMO!

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