Join us as we embark on 5 weeks of 5 workouts on Friday Nights to Celebrate The CrossFit Open. The Open Series is for members of CrossFit COMO to celebrate and express their fitness, challenge themselves, and grow relationships within our community. Each week, we’ll watch on Thursday Night at 7:00 pm what the announcement for the workout. Then on Fridays, we’ll come together as a community and tackle the WOD in an epic party with a live DJ. Each Week teams will participate in challenges to earn points and the overall winner will be crowned The CrossFit COMO Open Series Champion!

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What’s at stake?

The coveted CrossFit COMO Open Series Trophy! Oh, and bragging rights for the next year!


How to prepare

Physically – Attend 2-3 workouts on the Monday-Wednesday and then do an active recovery day on Thursday that includes mobility work. Then on Friday, you’ll want to give yourself 15-30 minutes prior to the workout to prep. We’ll have some guidelines posted in the warm-up area.

Nutrition – You’ll want to eat at least 90 minutes before your heat. Don’t have a lot of food, but focus on some good carbohydrates and protein. Make sure to eat breakfast and lunch that day as well as being hydrated.

Mentally – These workouts are tough and you’re going to need to DIG down deep to give it your all. When preparing mentally, visualize yourself taking the workout in small increments. Depending on the style and length of the WOD, you may need to pace or go as hard as possible. The coaches will help with strategies to help you get prepared.

Schedule & Heats

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm – Athlete & Judge Check-In
6:00 pm – Judges Meeting
6:15 pm – Opening Remarks & Team Introductions/Group Photo
6:25 pm – WOD Standards & Questions
6:30 pm – Heat 1 Athletes to Warm-Up Area
6:45 pm – Heat 1 Begins
We’ll have a short transition time between each heats until all athletes are prepared. If you are unable to attend one of the Friday Nights, please submit a form letting us know here: http://crossfitcomo.com/2017-crossfit-como-open-series

Help Judge

We can never have enough people being able to judge. Judges will be prepped each Friday on the movement standards and what to look for.

Thank our sponsors!

We couldn’t throw such an epic event without the help from our sponsors! So while they are there helping out, make sure to stop by and say thanks for your support!

Have Fun!

Finally, have fun! Participate in the weekly challenges, wear silly costumes, encourage others, and cheer each other on!

While this is a competition, the goal is to compete against yourself and push yourself outside your comfort zone and express your fitness. We’re going to see some amazing things over the next 5 weeks, so lets celebrate each other and our successes!

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