The holidays are upon us, and our lives become filled with Christmas parties, office treats, and cold days. These three factors can hinder our motivation to march into that cold weather and drive to the gym. We understand your pain. On the days you decide to give yourself a break from the chaos, can’t find the time between all the Christmas cookie making, or are just out of town, you can still find something small to do at home! You have all been making so many improvements at the gym and getting so much stronger, there’s no reason to lose all of that just because you can’t get to us.

Here are a few incentives to add exercises here and there to your busy holiday schedule:

Mini At home Booty Workout: 2-3 rounds of this at a manageable pace take about 25 minutes, roughly the time of one episode on TV, easy to add to your netflix schedule! You can even get your family and friends to participate!

  • 20 Air squats
  • 20 jumping lunges (10/side)
  • 20 jumping squats
  • 20 reverse lunge + karate kick…hiyah! (10/side)
  • 20 side lunges (10/side)
  • 20 donkey kicks per side: on hands and knees, kick leg back with knee bent
  • 20 fire hydrants per side: think of what a dog does on a fire hydrant… you got it 🙂
  • 20 bridges: lay on back, lift hips up

Mini At Home Abs Workout: Again, very easy to do during a TV episode, so get off the couch!

  • 15 Right side planks
  • 15 Left side planks
  • 16 Starfish situps: Click here to view a video
  • 16 Front plank, Twist and reach (8/side): from the front plank, rotate to one side and reach the other hand toward the ceiling

Exercise Game Around the House: Basically take the fundamental idea of any drinking game, but make an exercise game instead! Here are some ideas for you and all the lucky people in your house.

  • Bathroom Burpees: Every time someone uses the bathroom at the house, they have a penalty. Just post a little sign like this outside your bathroom door =>

Source: Cory Thoman

  • Cookie Crunches: Every cookie costs 10 crunches! Enforce it in your house with a sign like this =>

Source: RJC Cartoons

I hope you utilize some of these tools to encourage exercise during not only your holidays but the loved ones around you!

– Coach Lisa

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