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The first monthly challenge for 2015 will be to do 2,015 air squats during the month of January! That means on average you will need to do 65 air squats per day, for all 31 days.  Here are the very basic rules to the challenge:

1. you can complete your airsquats anywhere that you would like, it doesnt have to be at the gym

2. airsquats done during a WOD do count towards the challenge!

3. you need to squat below parallel! That means that if you need to, grab a medicine ball or a box and put it behind you, to make sure you are going down all the way!

4. the challenge will start on the 1st and end on the 31st

Remember, these challenges are all about consistency.  You don´t want to miss a few days in a row because the reps will start to add up really fast.  So try and do some squats when you wake up, maybe a few in the shower, during your lunch break, etc and you will get through this challenge easy.

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