Fellow CrossFitters,

With this weekend being the 4th of July weekend, we have an update to our weekend schedule.  Also, on Tuesday, July 5th, we have a specialty course with Coach Chris Seris that will be run several times throughout the day (details below):

Schedule for 4th of July Weekend:

Friday, July 1st – Normal class schedule
Saturday, July 2nd – Gym Closed
Sunday, July 3rd – Gym Closed
Monday, July 4th – 9am class only
Tuesday, July 5th – normal hours, see below for class details
Wednesday July 6th – everything back to normal

Schedule for Tuesday, July 5th:

5am – 6am: Running clinic and drills with Chris Seris
6am – 7am: CrossFit WOD
12pm – 1pm: Running clinic and drills with Chris Seris
1pm – 3pm: Open Gym
4pm – 5pm: CrossFit WOD
5pm – 7pm: Running clinic, drills and running WOD with Chris Seris
7pm – 8pm: CrossFit WOD

The above schedule is final, so showing up to the 5am/12pm/5pm classes means that you will be participating in an AWESOME running clinic with our very own Chris Seris.  If you would also like to do a CrossFit WOD that day, there are 3 classes that day: 6am/4pm/7pm.

Details of the Running Clinic:

Coach Chris is well versed and practiced in the Pose Running Method, and knows how to absolutely crush running workouts.  I asked him to prepare a special seminar/clinic to teach CrossFit COMO athletes the finer points of running, and after seeing what he has put together, I can assure you that it will be worth your time to come to one of his classes on Tuesday, July 5th.

There is no additional cost to CrossFit COMO athletes for this clinic, however if you would like to bring a friend, they will need to pay our $17 drop in fee.

This clinic will NOT be an hour long lecture. Like I mentioned above, Coach Chris has done an excellent job of preparing running drills that will make you rethink the way you move your feet! Whether you are a long distance runner (cough, cough, morning crew) or just want to improve on WODs that have running in them, this class is for you.

Hope everybody has a great and safe 4th of July weekend, see you all soon,

Coach Doug


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