So…I finished the challenge! I am still going strong 🙂 I lost 22 lbs and  6 inches. I have gained a huge amount of energy and my performance in the box has improved immensely! I shaved 13 sec off my 400m and added 1 round 1 rep to my half Cindy! Also went from black and green banded pull ups to just black! 
I have been somewhat active most of my life being a mother of 3!! But, 3 years ago my world was shattered as my 10 year old son become deathly ill and died within 12 hours. I didn’t want to do anything. I gained a bunch of weight and felt like giving up on life.

My sister and I started running and it helped some. Then she discovered Crossfit! She said, “you gotta try this!! It’s awesome!! I said sure..I’ll go see what it’s about. I went through foundations and was hooked!! I have been doing CrossFit since last August and I usually was last to finish. I didn’t feel like it was all it was cracked up to be. I kept with it though, thinking surely all this hard work would pay off. I struggled through the WODs and my bones hurt and muscles ached. Ibuprofen was my best friend. I was extremely discouraged over the winter but still I kept showing up. I was seriously about to be done. My sister Heather kept encouraging me to keep driving through the discouraging times. My awesome trainers Michael, David, Elise, Elizabeth, Brian, Nate, Seth, Kendra and all my CrossFit COMOo friends encouraged me to continue my fitness journey.

When the  Whole 30 challenge came up, I wanted nothing to do with it! I was actually quite scared…I mean, what would I eat?? Afterall, I wasn’t eating “that bad”! I wasn’t going to “go crazy on that stupid paleo thing” and threw a bit of a fit when my sister suggested I give it a try!  So I did it just to shut her up 😉

I am so happy I did and I am excited to say that I have a whole new perspective on food and what I need to do to properly fuel my body for intense workouts and life in general! I am recovering quicker, my bones don’t ache like before and I’m not relying on ibuprofen! I don’t need a pot of coffee just to get through my days anymore. I don’t eat sugar, I don’t eat bread, I don’t need fake creamer and flavoring in my coffee. I make good choices and that is exactly what it is….a choice! I love the direction I am going with this and I know I can continue to improve my life, nutrition and fitness level!! I honestly don’t know where I’d be without CrossFit COMO!!!

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