Mike Wuest

Mike Wuest

Owner, CF-L1 Trainer

Mike’s fitness journey has been life-long. He grew up skinny, played lots of video games and basketball and started lifting in high school. He first heard about CrossFit back in 2007 and did a few workouts. However, his ego got in the way and said that bulking was more for him because he wanted to be huge. Well he got huge and once he stopped working out for 6 months, he got fat. 219 lbs of fat. When he moved back to Columbia in 2011, Mike joined the local global gym and started back his body building routine, but only to get extremely bored. His friend recommended the 300 workout, and Mike remembered how it reminded him of some of his earlier CrossFit experiences. Well the rest is history and Mike’s down to a healthy 190 lbs. Oh the best part about Mike’s CrossFit journey? He’s stronger than he ever was when he was in his bulking stage of life.


Master of Business Administration
– Specialization in Marketing

Bachelor of Science in Business & Management Systems
– Minor in Psychology of Leadership

Missouri University of Science and Technology



CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Judges Course
CrossFit Movement and Mobility
2014 CrossFit North Central Regional Media Team
Reebok One Ambassador




Shoulder Press



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