Greetings to all my favorite CrossFitters!

Starting tomorrow, September 8th 2015, we will begin a two month strength cycle based around 3 major lifts: backsquat, shoulder press and deadlift.  Here are some notes and things to consider when choosing whether to follow the Fitness, Sport or Comp Series section of strength for the next 8 weeks:

  1. Our Fitness program will actually back squat, front squat, overhead squat, shoulder press, push press, push jerk, deadlift and power clean over a 3 week period.  You will always do the same rep scheme: 5 sets of 5 repetitions, making the sets as challenging as possible.   The main purpose here is to build some basic strength while getting to know what you are capable of in each of these lifts.  If you are new to CrossFit COMO (less than 3 months) or you do not know your 1-rep max for each of these lifts, then you should begin here.  
  2. Our Sport program will focus on back squatting, shoulder pressing and deadlifting and will follow a rep and set scheme that allows you to go up in weight each week, while decreasing the number of reps that you are doing.  You NEED to know your 1-rep max for each of these three lifts, otherwise please stick to the Fitness program!!!! Trust me, you will not get a lot out of this program if you do not know these numbers! 
  3. The Competitors programming will follow a strength program called the Wendler 5-3-1.  Again, you have to know your 1RM for the backsquat, shoulder press and deadlift, and you have to be comfortable moving heavy weights for LOTs of repetitions if you want to take advantage of this program.

Another important note: This program will last for 8 weeks, or two 4-week cycles.  This is great news because it will allow any athlete to start with one program for the first 4 week cycle and then switch for the second four weeks.  For example:

John does not know his 1 rep max for any of the lifts.  He will start with the Fitness program for the first 4 weeks.  During the first 3 weeks, he will do the 5×5 scheme and learn a lot about his body and what he is capable.  During the 4th week, we will test all of Johns max lifts (yep, get ready for the CrossFit Total!).  For the second 4-week cycle, John now knows his numbers and can take advantage of the Sport or Competitors strengthe programming!! The same would apply to an athlete starting with Sport and then advancing to Competitors!

Also – while we will not be cleaning, snatching, overhead squatting, etc as frequently in strength sessions, you will still see them pop up in the WODs, so don´t worry too much, you will still get good at the olympic lifts 🙂

Hope everybody enjoys and gets a lot out of the next few months of working out!

Coach Doug

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