CrossFit Foundations | OUR PROVEN 90 Day System

Our CrossFit Foundations course is our exciting introduction to the world of CrossFit and your new active lifestyle. Your first 30 days include 3-8 sessions is required for anyone who is new to the CrossFit.

Our primary goal in these one-on-one sessions is to prepare you to join the group CrossFit classes with confidence. You will learn how to lift safely and efficiently with lighter weight. Our focus will be on developing a strong technical base. We will slowly add more movements and weight once you are ready.

Under our guidance, you’ll have the chance to push yourself and put your new skills to the test. This program brings results! During the course of your Foundations training, your body will begin to rapidly change. We’ll encourage you to take before and after pictures to help capture your transformation.

CrossFit Group Training - Fitness

The next 60 days include joining our CrossFit Fitness Program and meeting with your primary coach once each month.

Our Fitness program is ideal for anyone in their CrossFit Journey who wants to have a well rounded fitness level. Our goal is a strong GPP, or General Physical Preparedness. Basically, you are competent and excel in the 10 general aspects of fitness(cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy). Everyday life throws so many challenges your way, the known and unknowable, Fitness is measured by your capacity to perform well at these tasks. The fitness that CrossFit advocates and develops is deliberately broad, general, and inclusive.

CrossFit Group Training - Sport

Our Sport programming is ideal for those who want a little bit spicier of a challenge to our everyday WOD. Sport is a scale up of our Fitness programming and includes more complex movement patterns and technical skills. Some people may have the strength + skill to complete Sport WODs throughout the week, but if you have to ask what a movement or skill is, stick to Fitness.

CrossFit Group Training - Competitors

Comp Series is an evolution of our Sport programming to prepare athletes for competition in CrossFit and functional fitness events. The first part of the Comp Series is a scaled up version of our Sport program that is done during any one of our classes throughout the day. The second part of Comp Series is designed to be completed during Open Gym or designated class times. See your primary coach for details.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is the foundation to health, fitness and wellness. Proper nutrition will assist in weight loss, strength gain and improved performance.

CrossFit COMO is fortunate to have a fully licensed Registered Dietitian on staff.

Personal Training / Individual Program Design

No matter what your goals, our professional staff can help you achieve them through personal training. Our trainers specialize in a variety of disciplines.

Individual Program Design is ideal for those athletes who want to compete at the highest level. The first step? Getting ready for the CrossFit Open, CrossFit Regionals & Games. Our coaching staff has competed and sent athlets to both Regional and Games athletes designing programming that fits the needs to be competitive in The Sport of Fitness. Athletes of this caliber will need additional accessory work in addition to the CrossFit Competitors programming.

Team Building / Corporate Wellness

We strongly believe the fitness, social, and teamwork components of a CrossFit program should be a part of every corporation’s culture, and Forbes Magazine agrees.  If you’re serious about taking a stand for fitness amongst your employees and corporation, get with the program that is breaking down boundaries on what it means to be fit and healthy.
How CrossFit can benefit organizations?

  • Corporate profitability rises with greater worker productivity and lower costs
  • Healthier employees are more likely to be productive because of greater energy levels and higher self-esteem (Harvard Business Review)
  • Healthier employees will cost the company less money by virtue of fewer sick days, lower absenteeism, and reduced health care costs
  • Encouraging employees to be healthier should boost their productivity, lower costs, and thereby enhance corporate profitability.
  • Creating a stronger sense of community amongst employees and leadership
  • Influence a greater level of effective communication between departments and management hierarchy

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