1.) I had been playing soccer competitively all throughout high school, and after I graduated I was really missing playing a sport. My brother told me about Crossfit, and I started going to classes back in Colorado in Greenwood Village. The coach there is convinced that I’ll be at regionals in ten years.

2.) My first thought when I walked into the gym was something like “Wow, all of these people claim to be in their late thirties and they all look 25. Where do I sign up?” I loved the supportive atmosphere and was welcomed into the family right away. I knew I would miss it when I moved to Missouri, but CrossFit CoMo provided all the same support and welcome.

3.) My biggest accomplishment has been my technique improvements. I’ve set at least five PRs since I’ve been at CrossFit CoMo; deadlift, squat clean, power clean, back squat, power snatch, and I can do a solid amount of unbroken double unders!

4.) Currently, my goals are to be able to do a full depth squat, a kipping pull up, and to Rx the WODs.

5.) My favorite memory was when we were going over the proper way to do a side plank, and Coach Doug called it “The Sexy Pose.” I LOL’d

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