Brandi M – 30 Day Nutrition Challenge

Brandi M – 30 Day Nutrition Challenge

Brandi on the 30 Day Nutrition Challenge

I think I did pretty good to say I wasn’t sure I’d have the will power to complete the challenge! I am proud of myself and OJ for what we were able to accomplish during the last 30 days. We were not perfect, but I think we did an awesome job! After my surgery I solely depended on OJ for food, and I was very worried. However,  I was pleased to find that he actually made an effort to stick to the program. Below is a list of things I learned and will take away from this challenge.

  1. By week 2 I noticed a serious energy boost!!
  2. I also noticed I’am able to control my hunger better. Before the challenge, once my blood sugar crashed I turned into Godzilla in that Snickers commercial.
  3. I used to feel bloated ALL the time, and once I started the challenge that bloated feeling went away. I look forward to finding out what was causing the bloat….probably dairy. 
  4. I now realize that I do have time to cook and don’t have to resort to fast food and processed foods so often.
  5. Reading labels has truly opened my eyes to the deception of processed foods, especially the sugar content.
  6. For some reason the challenge has encouraged me to drink more water. Before the challenge I only drank water and no sodas anyway, but I would barely finished one 20oz bottle in a day. Now I drink 2 bubba’s worth of water a day. 
  7. I learned that I can find healthy, low sugar, low carb options at quick service restaurants….not many options…but some. I know these places were discouraged, but we traveled for a week during the 30 days.
  8. I have been struggling to get rid of my “grad school pounds” for the past 4 years. I was able to loose some of that weight in the first 2 weeks after changing my eating habits. 
I am so grateful for CrossFit COMO for challenging me and assisting me as I work to improve my health! I’ve tried other gym memberships, crash diets, personal trainers, insanity, etc. and nothing comes close to the success I’ve had at CrossFit COMO! 
Thanks for everything, 

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October 28, 2014

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