What brought you to CrossFit?

I have been playing competitive sports all of my life and that continued into my college life at my last school where I played 2 years of football. My lifting coach at my last school kept telling me to quit football and to join CrossFit so I decided to look into it more and ask around. Everyone I asked about CrossFit said they loved it so when I transferred to Columbia I didn’t plan on playing football anymore, so I thought I would pick up CrossFit and try it out and use it to replace my football life.

What was your first impression?

My first impression of CrossFit was it can’t be that hard, all of the stuff I saw on TV in the CrossFit Games reminded me a bunch of the stuff I did for summer conditioning for football. Little did I know every WOD is brutal.


What’s been your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment so far would be competing in the elite division in my first competition.



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What are you working on now?

Right now I am working on my technique to a lot of the lifts and trying to find as many competitions as I can to compete in.


What’s your favorite CrossFit COMO memory?

I would say my favorite CrossFit COMO memory is going to the Friday Night WOD’s and meeting all the amazing coaches and awesome people in the gym and making new friends.


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