Mandy Grados – Mother of 3

Mandy Grados – Mother of 3
What brought me into CrossFit?
I was looking to fill a void I felt after being a college athlete. I had been working out regularly but nothing compared to those 3 hour practices when your coach is mad but you push through because you love your sport.


A friend of mine from Washington, MO had been telling me about CrossFit for a couple years and I wanted to do it but my twins were not in school and my globo gym offered two hours of daycare so I told myself as soon as they started school I would try it. Their first day of kindergarten I walked through the door of CrossFit COMO.
My first impression of CrossFit was that I was out of shape, I was nervous, I saw really strong women and I wanted to be one too.
My biggest accomplishment was learning it’s ok to fail. That I don’t have to be worried about what everyone else thinks just keep pushing myself to be better everyday. So many people at the box inspire me from the oldest to the youngest, from the strongest to those just starting. Everyone there reminds me to keep going.
And maybe as a 35 year old mom of 3 I can inspire someone too. 
Currently I am focusing more on olympic weightlifting with the COMO Barbell Club. I was hooked after my first Sunday class with Jordan and made it a goal to never miss a Sunday which lead to the Oly program and now the COMO Barbell Club. I still try to WOD from time to time but that is my focus for now.
My favorite memory at CrossFit Como is finishing the Royal Tenebaum’s WOD and my children were watching after finishing their CrossFit Kids class. On the way home they told me that I looked like I wanted to die but never gave up and that I was amazing. In my girls eyes I am the strong woman they look up to and I love that.

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