Good Afternoon Mike,

I just wanted to give you a heads up that December 31st I will be leaving for 10 weeks to go to basic training at Fort Jackson in South Carolina.

Thank you for your support and everyone else’s support at CrossFit COMO for helping me get to this point. I have been working for the last 7 years to become a part of the Armed Forces and was finally able to secure an OCS spot with the Missouri Army National Guard. After basic training, I will be attending either an 8 week accelerated or an 18 month officer program. The 5am class has been great helping me get where I need to be even if it has been a struggle to wake up that early 3 days a week.

I have pursued going to the military academies, ROTC in both Army and Air Force, OCS with the Army and Air Force, and I have finally been accepted into the program I am in now. They had a lot of budget cuts which made it extremely competitive when I was in ROTC for 3 years and they suspended the OCS program for the Air Force for 9 months last year when I was in the application process.

It feels good to finally be in a program again and get to wear a uniform with that flag on my shoulder. It has been a long time coming.

Thank you!

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