What brought you to CrossFit?
After hearing my husband talk about CrossFit for the entire time we were dating and engaged, I decided to come and try it out. CrossFit COMO was the box we had heard about and I’m so glad I stepped in one afternoon and haven’t looked back.

What was your first impression?
My first impression of cf was one of intimidation mixed with inspiration. Every body at the box seemed to be in such better shape than I was but they never shoved that into my face. Instead they cheered me on and would even do the rest of the workout with me after they completed it. It’s a community that is family.

What’s been your biggest accomplishment?
My biggest accomplishment is being able to scale back on scaling the workouts. 🙂 I’m getting to the point where I can RX a lot of the wods and strengths portion.

What are you working on now?
Right now I’m working on getting over my fear of being upside down so I can do a handstand hold. Besides that I am working on becoming a better me and not looking at the scales but the gains I have made while at CrossFit COMO.

What’s your favorite CrossFit COMO memory?
There are so many favorite memories but one that stands out the most is when Joseline and I were working on our back squats and we both pr’d that day. We went over and rang the bell then started to dance like fools because we were so happy.

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