My name is T.J. Dreyer and I’m a local pastor here in Columbia, MO.  I found CrossFit COMO in May of 2013 when a good friend of mine told me about their free intro classes. I had looked into CrossFit gyms off and on for a year without actually trying one because I was sure that their workouts were not something I could actually do. But when they started offering free classes I figured I’d give it shot.

At my first class I’ll admit I was in for a shock, the workout was pretty difficult because I hadn’t done much (or any…) cardio activity in years. But the positive attitude of the trainers and genuine cheering from the community intrigued me, I found myself pushing harder then I thought I could and accomplishing things I was sure I’d never be able to. Every since then I’ve been hooked and experienced amazing results, when I first came my goal was simply not to quit on a scaled down WOD and now I actually do workouts at RX (prescribed movements and weights). As far as raw results: I’ve lost 40 pounds, 13% body fat, am healthier and stronger at 30 then I ever was in my 20’s and I can actually do pull-ups now (that’s something I never thought I’d be able to do).

What I tell people who ask me about CrossFit COMO is that if you try it 3 times you’ll be hooked. And if you stick with it for a couple months the results will blow your mind. You will find yourself accomplishing things you were certain you’d never be able to do. And beyond the results I’ve also found in CrossFit COMO a community of great people and real friends, there is something about working out that hard with other people that binds you together and forges genuine connections. The new people in my life through my box have been a real blessing to me.

If I had any advice for a person looking into CrossFit COMO it would be this, “try it now.” Don’t wait until you think you’re fit enough, strong enough or skinny enough, but instead come as you are right now and let the great trainers help you get healthy and strong. They can scale anything for anyone, so give it a shot and thank me later.

Thanks CrossFit COMO for doing so much for so many of us to get healthy and strong.

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