Thank you all for truly changing my life for the better. In just 6 months, I am able to accomplish so much more physically than I ever though possible. I am no longer just a couch potato, now when I sit down after 8pm I just fall asleep from WOD fatique instead of fat excess.

I realize this is a journey that has just started & it will take consistent effort to continue moving forward. With teh CrossFit COMO team’s encourage & expertise, I have no doubt that I will be moving forward. Thank you for accepting older adults into the fold & for your patience as I try to get those complicated Oly lifts down…more patience will still be necessary in 2014, but I will get there….I swear.

I am truly excited at the possibilities for me at CF this next year!!!! Still not going to commit to muscle-ups on this next year’s resolutions thought… 😉

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