My name is Steven Twidwell and I’m a Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound student here at Mizzou. I’m 22 and have been doing CrossFit for a little over a year. It has made such a positive impact in my life. I first found CrossFit COMO when a friend of mine had heard of the free introduction courses and asked me to come along. I was pretty nervous because I had only seen CrossFit through the Games on ESPN and it was pretty intimidating. I was shocked at how down to earth the entire coaching staff was and how well they instructed everyone through various movements.

Steven Twidwell Deadlift

The foundations course taught me so much about proper form for Olympic lifting and the baseline workout allowed me to truly gauge my level of fitness. The first few weeks were especially rough, but I was tired of giving up on my fitness goals because it was too hard. I’m so glad that I’ve stayed with CrossFit COMO for the past year. I’ve learned not to measure success by the scale, but instead by how your body feels and how you perform. I’ve lost 10% body fat since starting and am seeing huge improvements in my lifts, myflexibility, and how I feel overall.

Some of my favorite accomplishments in CrossFit are chaining together my chest to bar pull-ups, weight increases in my lifts, and cool skills like rope climbs and handstand push-ups. My biggest accomplishment has to be my pull-ups though. I came into CrossFit only being able to do one or two strict pull ups. It took a good amount of time to progress from bands to strict to kipping, but it feels so great to be able to look at a workout and say, “I can do that, no problem.” Right now, I’m working on my ring muscle ups. I started a progression before Memorial Day, but had to take time off to visit family. I’m excited to start back up and knock them out!

Steven Twidwell Snatch

I have so many great CrossFit memories, but my favorite has to be the Open Workouts. I was already amazed by the sense of community at CrossFit CoMo, but everyone cheering you on through these brutal workouts made me really appreciate my whole CrossFit family. Thanks again to all of the trainers and my friends at CrossFit COMO for a great year and, hopefully, many more!

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