After 7 months of a new exercise routine, this is a progress update – my before and now pic.

Here are the things I’ve learned for me:
1. Weight isn’t a clear indicator of progress. I’m within 10 lbs of when I started, but body composition changed. I do need to lose weight, but it is a process.

2. I’ve been working out for ten years, but until i started with a program that decided what exercises I would be doing with a healthy dose of peer pressure I didn’t get great results. Mixing it up is important – so many muscles aren’t used in many exercises.

3. Diet is everything when it comes to weight loss. Get that sorted out most importantly because exercise won’t (my opinion). I don’t have it worked out.

4. Everybody is different – I was a vegetarian for a few months, reduce carb for others and recently I’m just reducing the portion sizes of everything and that is working best.

5. Stretching, warm up, cool down and after care is critical when you have many miles on joints and muscles. I used to make fun of those people, now I am one…

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