We just finished our 30 day Summer Nutrition Challenge! Congrats to everyone that participated and had a chance to focus on their nutrition for the month of August. Since acquiring the InBody 570, we have had the pleasure to measure most of the athletes at COMO. 

Read about the challenge here: http://crossfitcomo.com/summer-nutrition-seminar-and-challenge/

We gave participants two nutrition tracks to follow, Whole30 and If It Fits Your Macros. We wanted to provide flexibility in their nutrition journey and to measure two programs against each other.

Our findings

The average Basal Metabolic Rate at the beginning of the challenge was 1506 calories. Post challenge was 1543 calories!

The average Body Fat % was 28.67% and afterwards was 25.23% a decrease of 3.44%.

Many athletes saw changes in how their muscle and fat were stored. For example: One athlete lost 4 net lbs during the month, but saw a decrease of 8 lbs in fat and gained 4 lbs of muscle. This was a pretty typical result.

Whole 30
– Dramatic changes in all participants
– Results in less than 30 days
– Major Fat Loss with this group
– Biggest loss in 1 month – Down 21 lbs

– More sustainable long term
– Results began to show towards end of the challenge
– Variety of results
– Requires continous adjustment with caloric/macros until you find what’s right for you.


We started this challenge with three goals in mind. Without further ado, here are the winners of each category.

  • Most Lean Muscle Gained
    1.  Ashtyn M. gained 2.6 lbs lean body mass
    2. Scott Z. gained 2.4 lbs lean body mass
    3. Julie M. gained 3.1 lbs of lean body mass
  • Most Percentage of Body Fat Lost
    1. Ashtyn M. – 18.6% -> 12.4%; a 6.2% decrease
    2. Gina G. – 27.9% -> 22.5%; a 5.4% decrease
    3. Scott Z. – 19.7% -> 15.2%; a 4.5% decrease
  • Biggest Increase in Basal Metabolic Rate
    1. Julie M. increased her BMR by 32 calories
    2. Scott Z. raised his by BMR by 24 calories
    3. Ashtyn M. raised her BMR by 23 calories


The Nutrition Challenge was a great way for the many members of the gym to dial in their nutrition for the month. Overall we saw very positive changes and everyone who participated developed new skills and an understanding on how their nutrition affects their body. A round of applause for all of our participants.

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