In my family, we’ve always shared with why we are thankful during Thanksgiving. That’s a tradition that we are starting at CrossFit COMO. Our trainers wanted to share their thoughts with you this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving at CrossFit COMO

“When we started this adventure, I never dreamed it would have such a huge impact on my life. I only wanted a place to work out the way I wanted to and to have control of what I did in the gym but, it has turned into so much more. I am thankful for the relationships and friendships that I have developed over the past few months. I am grateful for the great coaches and coaching perspective that have been generously given to me. I am thankful to be able witness so many people not only improve physically but become mentally stronger on their Crossfit journey. I love having such a meaningful impact on so many different people. I am grateful to be doing what I love with so many people I call friends. I am extremely grateful to have such an open minded and driven partner to be involved with in this undertaking. I could not ask for a better one. And, I am grateful I get to do it all with my wife. Nothing could make us grow better together as a couple and a family.” – Brian James, Trainer
“I am thankful for the community that is CrossFit COMO. Each day I arrive and see a group of supportive and friendly people working together and motivating each other to do their best. When I see this, I am quickly reminded why I started CrossFIt and what I enjoy the most about it; experiencing a great workout with others so I can live a healthier and happier life! As a coach, I get the most joy when I see someone smiling during or directly after a workout, because I know they are being challenged and enjoying the challenge, which will bring them back tomorrow to do it all over again!” – David Nelson, Trainer


“I am thankful for CrossFit COMO and it’s athletes because it has given me a sense of belonging. Everyday I’m surrounded by the most caring and thoughtful group of individuals I could have ever wished for. They are there to better themselves but also to support others in their journey as well. Watching them work together as a team and build lasting relationships with one another is so special to witness. Magic happens at CrossFit COMO, our athlete’s do things they never thought possible and then in return show others what they too are capable of. As our community grows our bond becomes stronger, and for this I am eternally thankful.” – Elise James, Trainer

“I’m thankful for the positive environment that crossfit como has, and the uplifting spirit of our athletes to support that environment. We all have our days that get us down, often times that bit of encouragement can mean the world to some people on the right day while grinding out a WOD.” – Brad Vickers, Trainer


“I am thankful for our athletes that keep me motivated on a daily basis.  I see them making a conscience effort to improving their quality of life and it makes want to keep working so I don’t let them down.  I’m thankful for the great relationships that I have formed with our athletes and that we are not only able to share our success with each other but also, our failures.  Being able to celebrate their accomplish, and seeing the ring that PR bell is the best part of being a member/trainer of CrossFit COMO.” – Seth Lindenbusch, Trainer

“I’m thankful for the athletes that allow us to be a part of their fitness journey. Their motivation and coming in day after day to get work done inspires and pushes me to be a better coach and athlete.” – Kendra Bishop, Trainer

“CrossFit COMO athletes have created an atmosphere and a community in which I am extremely thankful. The drive, the push, the defeat, the struggle, the power, the warriors, the cheerleaders, the laughter…all intangible yet wonderful aspects of our box that completely embody the mentality and spirit of CrossFit.
I’m thankful the athletes at CrossFit COMO permit me to enter their lives at their most vulnerable of moments. When they’re drenched in sweat and their mind is muddled with thoughts of defeat, they allow me to encourage them to be the best they can be in that moment in time.

I’m thankful the athletes at CrossFit COMO think enough of me to share their personal stories of happiness and success with me so I can participate in their joy and celebrate the goodness each one of them deserves. And I’m also incredibly thankful that the athletes at CrossFit COMO allow themselves to cry and yell and feel defeated; we’re all human.

I’m thankful for CrossFit COMO because it provides me solace from feelings of insecurity, vulnerability, lack of self-confidence and a multitude of other feelings that plague young women all over the globe. CrossFit Como is my refuge from the proverbial storm, and it truly all begins and ends with our athletes. The athletes at our box drive me to be a better person–in every sense of the word.” – Leisa Detelich, Trainer

“I’m thankful for the great atmosphere our athletes create by being excited for the workouts and bring positive attitudes into the gym. I am also thankful for how loved and accepted I feel by all the athletes and coaches. I just love the energy in the gym and how the focus is always on lifting people up. It’s not just about crossfit, it’s about improving all aspects of ourselves and helping others be the best they can be. ” – Kizzi Roberts, Trainer

“I’m tankful to be a part of community with the willpower to put forth the effort to better themselves. It’s a rare seen trait in a society that continues to grow ever softer and inept to self reliance.” – Nate Davenport, Trainer

We are truly blessed and thankful to have such an amazing community of athletes. Thank you for making these first 6 months such an amazing experience.

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