If you’ve been to CrossFit COMO recently, you may have noticed our new ethos, hand painted on the Wall.


The Unwavering Pursuit of Excellence

Why did we choose this ethos? It’s pretty simple.

Approaching the challenges of life with a relentless attitude is what drives CrossFit COMO. The pursuit of excellence is simple, but not easy.

Everyone strives to be the best versions of themselves – in all aspects of life whether its school, work, with our families or friends, in the gym, etc.  When we chase excellence, when we strive to be and do our best, we create real value in our lives.  And if there´s one thing that CrossFit teaches us, it’s that becoming a better version of yourself – creating value in your health and fitness – is hard work.  It requires that you confront challenges head on.  To become more fit, you have to stand in front of that wall and throw the medicine ball over and over again.  You have to load up a barbell with weight, put it on your back and squat it…even though it’s terrifying.  When you are tired and breathing hard, muscles burning, arms fatigued, but you know that in order to stop the clock you have to do 20 more burpees or 20 more pullups and you have to just suck it up and do it.  We´re teaching ourselves how to be relentless in the gym – and it transfers into the other aspects of our lives whether we know it or not.

Recently, we put up the word “relentless” on our wall in big bold letters with our own rendition of the definition: the unwavering pursuit of excellence.  We put it up there to remind ourselves and to inspire our athletes why we do CrossFit and the attitude we take towards our journey in fitness, and we hope that it´s an inspiring message inside our gym and even outside of it.

You see, the word has become somewhat of a mantra around CrossFit COMO, largely due to the newspaper article on our coach Dylan and his relentless style of training that got him to Regionals this last year(2014).  But the relentless attitude has extended past just training, and I introduced it to our coaching staff during my first meeting as the Head Coach.  I told everyone that we would become the most relentless coaching staff in the city, state, region and country.  It was an idea that was passed on to me by Chris Spealler, and I wanted to send the same message to our coaching staff:  Look for ways to improve every single person´s movement, every time they walk in the doors.  Whether it’s the best athlete in the gym, or the newest member, our job is to CONSTANTLY (without wavering, without giving up) look for ways to fix a squat, press, pull-up, or whatever movement we happen to be doing that day.

So this word goes past just the training aspect of the gym, and we want it geared towards how we view our gym in general.  Our members our relentlessly pursuing fitness just by showing up and fighting through the workouts day after day.  Our coaches relentlessly pursue the best ways to teach our athletes how to move, how to eat and how to live healthier lives.  Even our owner and managers relentlessly looks for ways to improve on the overall experience that CrossFit COMO offers – whether it’s touching up paint, buying new equipment, offering seminars or specialty classes, or doing community events.

In short, you all as members inspire us every day by coming in with such amazing attitudes, and making this an incredibly positive community.  You work hard, you fight through workouts, you push yourselves towards excellence, and your inspiring attitudes created the ethos for our gym: Relentless.

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