Last weekend a group of us traveled up to Minneapolis to watch our very own Dylan Kelly compete in the CrossFit Games Super Regionals.  For those of you who are unaware of what the Super Regionals are and what it means, here is a brief recap of how it works:

Every year, around the end of February, the CrossFit Games season begins with what is called the Open.  Everybody in the world is allowed to sign up for this online qualifying competition, and this year over 260,000 people jumped in.  The world is broken up into 17 different regions, and during the Open you are ranked against the other people in your region.  We are in the North Central region.  At the end of the 5 weeks of competing, the top 20 athletes from each region are invited to compete in the next step.  In this next step, the world is condensed into 8 “super regions.”  We are paired up with the Central East and make up what is called the Central Region.  The top 20 from our region go on to compete against the top 20 from the other region in a weekend long, live competition.  The athletes that qualify for this competition aren´t just good.  They aren´t just great.  They are literally in the top 0.1% of the world.  That´s not a typo.  Not 1%, but 0.1%.  In other words, Dylan was better than 99.9% of the world during the Open.  The top 5 athletes from the Super Regionals all qualify for the CrossFit Games in Carson, California at the end of July where the Fittest Man and Woman on Earth are crowned.

Anyway, here are a few take aways and thoughts from this last weekend of competition.

1. Dylan performed better than we had hoped on the majority of the workouts.  He might not have placed as high as we would have liked (goal was a top 20 finish), but we really couldn´t as for anything else out of him.  In the worldwide regionals rankings, he placed about 160th out of 320.  That means that on average, he would have finished 20 out of 40 in any region.  In our region, he finished 30th, meaning that we have a very tough region.

2. If you are unfamiliar with the name Brooke Wells, you won´t be for long.  The Arkansas native lives here in Columbia, is 19 years old, and gave up a track scholarship from Mizzou to focus on CrossFit.  She finished 1st place against a load of veteran ladies and is going to the CrossFit Games.  She has worked out at COMO a handful of times and she is gifted to say the least.

3. CrossFit is a spectator sport.  It is weird to think that watching people exercise could be fun, but it is.  What makes soccer the most popular sport in the world? The fact that anybody can play it and enjoy it makes it fun to watch.  The same is true for CrossFit.  With 13,000 gyms worldwide, there are an estimated 2 million people (at least) doing CrossFit.  It makes it so much more fun to watch something that you understand and can identify with.

4. Iowa is a very, very boring state to drive through.  If windmills and roadkill are your thing, I suggest moving to Iowa.

5. Being the best at CrossFit is not all about strength.  People make the mistake that they have to be strong to compete in this sport.  Jacob Heppner snatched 247 and struggled with the last 265 pound clean and still placed 2nd.  He is definitely not weak, but he is VERY good at the “classic” CrossFit style workouts.  If you plan on taking competing seriously, I highly recommend building up some basic strength and then focusing on making yourself the leanest, meanest guy or girl out there.

Again, congrats to Dylan for being a certified buttkicker in this sport.  If you are curious as to how we will be training for next years Open, we have a pretty structured program outlined for the next year with different focuses during different months, in hope that we are the most prepared that we can be when the Open rolls around.  We will be putting together a competition team as well, more details coming soon!

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