Should you take supplements? The answer is yes.  Here is the breakdown on what you should take, depending on what type of CrossFitter you consider yourself:

Recreational CrossFitter (L1, 4 times a week or so, doing it for the fitness but not to compete or be the best exerciser)

– Fish oil: natural anti-imflammatory for the joints.  Great heart and brain benefits as well.  Balances out the Omega 6 fatty acids we get from meat, nuts, seeds, etc.

– Protein powder: either right before or right after the workout, great for recovery and will help you not be SO sore the next day.  If drinking before a workout, do not mix with milk 🙂

Semi-serious competitor (RX most L1 workouts, some L2 workouts, 5 times per week, enjoy competing in the Open and maybe a few local competitions here and there)

– Fish oil

– Protein powder

– Recovery: amino acids, BCAA, L-glutamine.  Look into the Game Plan product.  This is essential if you are lifting heavy, frequently, to keep your bones, tendons, ligaments in order and recoverying properly.

– Hydro-X: Great product from Exendurance that is mostly for hydration purposes (drink 1 hour before working out and you will not be thirsty during a workout).  Also has some great ingredients to prevent muscle fatigue and soreness.

Competitive Exerciser (L2 RX most workouts, looking to compete in national competitions and place well in the Open, 5 days per week with up to 8 total sessions….as in you workout multiple times in a day)

– Fishoil

– Protein powder

– Recovery

– Hydro-X

– Extreme Endurance: a must have if you are putting in lots of volume.  This product, no joke, keeps you from getting sore.  It´s kind of scary how well it works.  It basically reduces lactic acid build up during workouts so you do not fatigue, and then you literally wake up the day after doing fran and karen and 20 rep max backsquat and your legs feel fresh.

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