I wanted to give everybody a heads up on the Challenge of the Month for July! The challenge we will be doing, beginning July 1st, is the 100 days of burpees 🙂

The way it works:

On day 1, you have to do one burpee.  On day 2, two burpees.  You continue with this pattern until day 100 (one hundred burpees).  If you ever miss a day, you are not out of the challenge, you just simply have to make up those burpees before the challenge ends on day 100.

What this means:

Over the course of 100 days, you will do an accumulated 5,050 burpees!  It is a tough challenge for sure, and while it starts out easy enough, it gets tough around day 40.  Imagine missing day 50, and on day 51 having to do 101 burpees.

Burpees done in WODS definitely count towards your total.  And you can always do burpees outside of the gym if you want.

I thought I would give everybody a heads up because it is a pretty big challenge and it is always amazing how many people start the challenge and how many people finish it!

So get ready, over the course of July, August and September to do over 5,000 burpees!

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