Admit it…the MOFO strength cycle was fun! Two months later and I have been hearing a lot of “wow thrusters have been so much easier lately” and “I just did 5 sets of 3 front squats with 10 pounds less than my 1RM.”

I wrote in an earlier blog post the benefits, in my mind, of the MOFO cycle.  I like to refer to it as barbell conditioning.  In other words, getting comfortable at moving maximal loads under max intensity.  You train an upper body movement and a lower body movement, back to back for 10 minutes, your heart rate goes up and stays up but you are able to make it through all 5 sets at weights you didnt think possible!

So two months later, we are now moving on to more of an olympic weightlifting style strength cycle.  Don´t worry, the MOFO will be back in the future, I really liked programming it.  The new cycle, however, will see at least 2 oly lifts (clean, jerk, or snatch) per week.  Level 2 athletes will see variations and complexes of the lifts, while level 1 athletes will practice the complete lifts as much as possible.  We will also squat at least once per week, alternating between the back, front and overhead squats.

This cycle will last for at least 6 weeks!  If you are used to squatting heavy various times during the week, I encourage you to find an extra day during the week to come in and squat on your own.  However, it is absolutely not necessary to do.  You will still see lots of squatting in the “metcons.”

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