First time in a CrossFit gym? You might think we speak an entire different language.  Here are some common terms and what they mean:

Box: any CrossFit gym.  Example: Did you make it to the box today?

CrossFitter: anybody that does CrossFit!

WOD: Workout of the Day

AMRAP: As many rounds (or repetitions) as possible

Metcon: Metabolic Conditioning

ROM: Range of Motion

RX: doing a WOD with all of the prescribed weights and ROM for the movements

Scaled: doing a WOD while modifying one or more of the movements/weights.  Rx-1 means you scaled 1 movement.  Rx-2 means you scaled 2 movements…etc, etc.

TABATA: 8 intervals of 0:20 seconds of work and 0:10 seconds of rest.

EMOM: Every minute on the minute

Death By: an EMOM style workout where you complete 1 rep on minute 1, 2 on minute 2, etc etc until failure to complete the required amount within the minute

POOD: russian system to measure the weight of Kettlebells.  1 pood = 16kg or 35 pounds.  2 pood = 32kg or 70 pounds.

Common abbreviations for movements….

T2B: toes to bar

Th: thrusters

Fsq: Front squat

Bsq: Back squat

OHS: overhead squat

CTB: chest to bar (pull-ups)

HSPU: handstand pushups

WB: wallball shots

KBS: Kettlebell swings (RKBS is russian kettlebell swings)

DL: deadlift


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