Article written by Nate Davenport, CF-L1 and full-time coach of CrossFit COMO

With our 30 day nutrition challenge well underway, I think that it is safe to say that a majority of our community will be paying more attention towards nutrition quality over the next few weeks.  Our athletes will primarily be more conscientious of what types of foods are going into their bodies, e.g., refraining from consuming foods that can cause inflammation, like grains.  Crossfit COMO backs this program due to its ability to encourage better health and overall wellbeing.

This being said, some athletes might still experience issues in the weight-management department.  These problems with body composition and healthy body-fat levels tend to frustrate athletes that have already overcome the first obstacle in American society; understanding and committing to consuming good nutrition.  A second obstacle that proves to be just as important for weight management is overcoming the social eating patterns of almost all western societies.

Eating only the traditional American meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner can severely hinder most of the effort being put into managing weight by a healthy diet.  Simply put, a low frequency of eating tends to heighten one’s level of hunger when it finally comes time to eat.  The easiest way for an average guy like me to understand this process is as follows; if a person is scavenging for food, they tend to eat large portions when available.  If a person has a steady food source available, they tend to eat more often, but in smaller portions that maintain a good level of energy expenditure (think of Paleolithic humans).  When a person gets used to this frequent food supply, they can prevent over-eating by curbing appetite and then start performing at full capacity.  Applying this to real life is as simple as eating every 3 to 4 hours.  So challenge yourself and be that nerd that brings some good food with them to work.

While keeping nutritional quality in mind, I hope that our athletes can use this simple information about frequency of eating to achieve the highest fitness goals possible during the 30 day challenge.  Most importantly, find what personally works for you and stick with it.  Best of luck!

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