The following is a list of words, acronyms and lingo that you will need to know if you ever want to truely be a part of our cult gym


  1. A strength and conditioning program based on constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity
  2. The only topic of conversation in any and all social settings.


  1. Workout of the Day
  2. An hour of torture and pain


  1. As Many Rounds (or Reps) As Possible
  2. Do this list of movements over and over until the clock beeps and the coach yells


  1. Every Minute On the Minute
  2. Do this (or these) movements within a minute, try not to die. When the minute is over, do it again.  Eventually a coach will tell you to stop.

Note: An alternating EMOM means that you do one movement on one minute and a different movement on the next minute.


  1. Rounds For Time
  2. Do these movements as fast as you can until you are done. The clock can´t save you.


  1. 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, 8 times
  2. 20 seconds of telling yourself that you can do it, 10 seconds of wondering why you do CrossFit.


  1. Russian unit of measuring weight. 1 pood = 16kg = 35lbs
  2. Most people´s reaction to Fran


  1. Max Effort (as many as you can)

U.B. or Touch and Go

  1. Unbroken (as many as you can do without resting)
  2. In a lifting movement that requires the weight to touch the ground (clean, snatch, deadlift), this means touching the ground and going straight into the next repetition without losing tension.


Common Movements

KBS – kettlebell swing                                P.Pr – push press

SN – snatch                                                      S.Pr – strict press

CJ – clean and jerk                                       PCl – power clean

T2B – toes to bar                                            OHS – overhead squat

C2B – chest to bar (pullups)                      Fsq – front squat

DU – double unders                                      Bsq – back squat

MU – muscle up                                              HSPU – hand stand pushup

G2OH – ground to overhead                      WB – wallball shot

Sh2OH – shoulder to overhead                 GHD – glute ham developer

SDLHP – sumo deadlift high pull             DL – deadlift

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