Looking back on the last year that I have been with CrossFit COMO, I wanted to say thank you to all of you that are a part of this gym.

Mike and Kim – Thank you both for putting together this business, turning it into a community, and sticking with it day in and day out.  Owning a small business is never easy, and it is a lot of extra work that most people don´t even see.  Thank you guys for treating all of us, coaches and athletes alike, like part of your family.

Coaching staff (Nate, Nick, Seth, Jordan, Chris, Chelsea, Meghan) – Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to the sport of fitness.  All of you guys live and breathe this stuff with a passion and it shows in your work.  Most of you wake up to do the early AM classes, stay late to do the evening classes, and you even have school and other jobs outside of the gym.  It is incredible what each and every one of you do to help out community stay fit and healthy!

Athletes – without you all, we would not have CrossFit COMO.  You trust our coaches with your health and fitness, you laugh (sometimes) at my terrible jokes and you happily come in everyday greeting me with a smile and high five.  You make my job not only easy, but enjoyable.

I hope everybody has a wonderful Thanksgiving, please stay safe and avoid running into Nate at any Black Friday sale.  He´s been known to get aggresive when it comes to discounted toaster ovens.

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