It’s WODTober (October) and it’s time for our next Challenge of the Month!

With our partnership with The Miracle Mile (click to see more information), we are introducing the CrossFit COMO Miracle Mile! This is our version of The Miracle Mile and we hope that you will join us!

Before we get started here are the rules.

We have 27 days of forward movement! Pick and choose which movement you want to do each day, they don’t have to be in order. Record that movement on the spreadsheet below (we’re going to post them at the box). The only date is the last day, in which we will be completing the 1.2 mile walk together!

Static Holds – This is total time. You don’t have to go unbroken, stop the stopwatch when resting.

100 reps – Record total time.

1 mile run/skip/walk/bike/row – Record total time.

CrossFit COMO Ocotber 2013 Challenge of the Month

CrossFit COMO October 2013 Challenge of the Month

There will be an incentive this month for completion. A $10 gift card to be used in the CrossFit COMO Shop!

Remember we are doing this “For The Kids” #FTK!


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